About me / DigiLAN

My name is Michael – I live in a quiet suburb of Chicago Illinois. By day, I am a cyber security analyst and when I’m not doing that I’m being kept busy with the usual family, friends, my fish tank and of course this homelab.

This blog is updated infrequently and in spurts it seems.

DigiLAN is a lot of things, first and foremost this is a homelab. Many virtual machines will come and go – raspberry pi’s will be imaged and imaged again with a different flavor of the month. I’ve spun up SCCM, WSUS just to see if I could image a computer at home. I can.

It has also morphed into a real life production network too. The DigiLAN Network spans 8 homes all connected to two hubs with IPsec tunnels. DNS settings allow each node to connect to internal webpages and services. A Pi-hole blocks much of the advertising on the network, there is a plex server that servers a half dozen users and Organizr serves as a font end for people to login to see what movies and tv shows are available.

Across 3 sites, we have over 100TB of rust spinning making sure that our computers and family videos are backed up and safe across multiple locations.

All in all, I think this is pretty cool.