DIY home Wiring

My sister bought a house, so I decided to help with some overkill networking. I wired my home when I bought it with some help, and I’ve since run a cable here or there at home, mostly around the basement. The shopping list was as such – 2,000 feet of cat6 cable Ubiquiti Edgerouter Ubiquiti Unifi 24 port switch 2 […]

Rack Update

Recently I decided that the supermicro server was just too loud and expensive to run – I decided to move plex to the esxi host and then purchase a Synology box able to hold the storage of today, and tomorrow. I settled on the Synolgy DS2419+ a 12 bay unit. I had ten 8tb drives at this point so I’ve […]

New Lights, ATO

This post is from January 2020, apparently I forgot about it and left it in draftsville. I have a love / hate relationship with my drop ceiling in my basement. On one hand, it’s allowed more than one squirrel somewhere to live for a few days. On the other hand, it’s made routing wires and hoses through my ceiling possible […]


Grafana is one of those things that I had tried it out at least ten times. I would install a docker, follow a guide and when it wouldn’t work immediately I promptly gave up. Until I didn’t. During the pandemic, I spent a solid weekend ignoring my family and configuring Prometheus and Grafana, lots of trial and error and lots […]