Rack Update

Rack Update

Recently I decided that the supermicro server was just too loud and expensive to run – I decided to move plex to the esxi host and then purchase a Synology box able to hold the storage of today, and tomorrow.

I settled on the Synolgy DS2419+ a 12 bay unit. I had ten 8tb drives at this point so I’ve got room for an additional 16tb if I maintain the current disk size. I decided to move away from freenas because at this point in my life I need it to work more than I need the fun of troubleshooting. Freenas has served me well over the last 5 years, but its time to move to a commercial solution. After copying files to the North Carolina Plex server, I removed the drives from freenas and plopped them into the synology. At this point there was no going back! Fortunately things went pretty smoothly, I got the synology joined to the domain and after the 4 days of copying, it was back.

The picture below is the current server rack under the stairs. From the top to bottom:

Patch Panel

48 Port Switch

Patch Panel

16 port POE

Monitor / Lenovo 91q / Digicloud Synology

APC battery / Synology 2419+




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