New Lights, ATO

New Lights, ATO

This post is from January 2020, apparently I forgot about it and left it in draftsville.

I have a love / hate relationship with my drop ceiling in my basement. On one hand, it’s allowed more than one squirrel somewhere to live for a few days. On the other hand, it’s made routing wires and hoses through my ceiling possible and downright easy.

I was able to route the wires for the AI Prime 16HD’s through the ceiling and into the server room where the apex Neptune is. These lights are unique compared to the older generation because they are Bluetooth only and not wifi. From a security perspective that’s great because that means you need to be near the tank to turn the lights on or off, and let’s be realistic I have no need to change the color of the aquarium when I’m at work and after setting the tank on the schedule, I’ll never change it but I can still show off the lights qualities with the app.

This also means I don’t need to think about VLANS and put lights onto the Jarvis VLAN with the rest of the IoT things. Ultimately that’s a very good thing but admittedly a little bit of a letdown for no good reason at all.

Ultimately I’m very happy with the new lights, they should consume a little bit less power and in a house that has a server rack burning through 300w it’s good to cut corners where I can.

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