Big House Network

We made some changes to the Big House network in October 2020. The wire colors are not as perfect as I’d like, but it works. we ran two network cables around the house into the garage for an access point, and a potential camera down the road. Added a third access point in the garage for better coverage on the […]

DIY home Wiring

My sister bought a house, so I decided to help with some overkill networking. I wired my home when I bought it with some help, and I’ve since run a cable here or there at home, mostly around the basement. The shopping list was as such – 2,000 feet of cat6 cable Ubiquiti Edgerouter Ubiquiti Unifi 24 port switch 2 […]

Rack Update

Recently I decided that the supermicro server was just too loud and expensive to run – I decided to move plex to the esxi host and then purchase a Synology box able to hold the storage of today, and tomorrow. I settled on the Synolgy DS2419+ a 12 bay unit. I had ten 8tb drives at this point so I’ve […]


Grafana is one of those things that I had tried it out at least ten times. I would install a docker, follow a guide and when it wouldn’t work immediately I promptly gave up. Until I didn’t. During the pandemic, I spent a solid weekend ignoring my family and configuring Prometheus and Grafana, lots of trial and error and lots […]

Worst week ever

This is perhaps a little bit of an exaggeration – nobody died and everything ends up okay I think, after some good work. Things still left to do – IP and customize Rose-ESXI Connect Rose Switch to UNMS Put rack back into the closet Overdue cable management Send back modem to AT&T So here’s what I think happened – at […]

Yearish in review

It’s been about a year since I bought this domain, so that’s fun. As all hobbies this has ebbs and flows. The last year saw the introduction and removal of a helpdesk – turns out Digilan doesn’t need a helpdesk, and that is just a place for Russian bots to post and that’s not helping anyone. The OneNote Documentation project […]

VPN Settings for iOS

To connect your iOS device to the DigiLAN VPN go into settings –> General –> VPN –>  Add VPN Configuration.  Your Account username will be your username used for all Digilan services, and so will your password.  The secret is in LastPass, if you do not have access to this please ask someone who would.

DNS and Pi Hole

It’s always DNS.  DNS is one of those things that is a corner stone of the internet, but most people are completely unfamiliar with.  When the internet was created way back in the olden times, people would connect to computers over the internet directly using the IP address.  For example, in the dawn of the internet if you wanted to […]


I’ve been using Microsoft One Note for network documentation.  Each subnet has it’s own page in One Note and then each device on the network has information about what’s going on with that particular device/service. Documentation is one of those things that is not fun at all to write but it makes things soo much easier when things break.  The […]

Final Cut Pro on Network

I was able to get a Final Cut Pro library to save to the network!  That’s great!  Unfortunately the response time is terrible and makes editing a chore. I went through and moved about 4000 time lapse pictures off of the network, that will help a lot in terms of the sheer quantity of the media that the library needs […]