Worst week ever

Worst week ever

This is perhaps a little bit of an exaggeration – nobody died and everything ends up okay I think, after some good work. Things still left to do –

  • IP and customize Rose-ESXI
  • Connect Rose Switch to UNMS
  • Put rack back into the closet
  • Overdue cable management
  • Send back modem to AT&T

So here’s what I think happened – at some point my Ubiquiti Edge Switch got a corrupt config, and slowed the whole network down. Because a corrupt config was not high on my radar, I called AT&T and complained that their service was terrible. They sent out a guy who untangled the fiber line in the tree, and that fixed the issue if I did not go through my network equipment. If I plugged an endpoint into just the AT&T modem it worked great, if I used my own stuff it was terrible – was not giving out DHCP or really even DNS wouldn’t work. So I decide that I need to restore my edge router to factory settings, that happens uneventfully.

During this time I decided that I could do some virtual machine cleanup, and somehow I accidentally delete Rose-DC01. Apparently there is no ‘undelete’ function. That’s terrible. I use a different domain controller, seize the FSMO roles and then spin up a new domain controller, but decide because i was making this as simple as I could, I should turnoff the local domain controller. When I went to turn it back on the ESXi host said there were no boot options. Oye. So Tonight I reinstalled ESXi and got the domain controller back online.