Network IP Standards

Network IP Standards

Standards are great because there’s so many to choose from!

For the Digilan network, because this is really such a loose collection of homes and most of the homes do not need the added complexity of the Class A network we’re using the old fashioned Class C  Because my favorite number is 7, and I didn’t know what I was doing when I started this, my subnet is

If I was starting this again I’d probably use class A for very little reason.  The drawback here is most of the other sites do not have routers or needs for the full class A, but this would allow me to learn more about VLANS and the security that is important with that.

For example our network is pretty open between hubs and spokes.  I’d love to isolate the IoT devices so they can’t connect to the servers or even the end users computers. Perhaps one day we’ll upgrade to the full Class A, but we need to have a better understanding of how it all works first.


Class Private Networks Subnet Mask Address Range
A –
B – –
C –