All tucked in

All tucked in

This image has an empty alt attribute; its file name is IMG_0178-156x300.jpeg  The reorganized rack is all tucked in.  This rack serves the home with some important services, and with this most recent organization I think there are some good things going on here.  At the top of the rack is a patch panel that has 24 ports going all over the house, though to be honest most of them are in the basement.

I have a 48 port ubiquiti switch, mostly so port 1 on the patch panel can line up to port 1 on the switch, which is probably one of the worst reasons I’ve heard for a 48 port but here we are.

Below that I have a power switch, good for powering on and off the various servers if I need to manually cut power.  Behind the rack there’s another power switch that’s always on.

On either side of the power switch I have an inline power converter to power the Ubiquiti AP in the living room, and a Cloud Key.  Fun fact about the cloud key that is the controller now for 3 remote sites and my own home.  VPNS are pretty fantastic!

Under that there is an old Lenovo Desktop turned ESXi host.  This runs some virtual machines including DigilanRose-DC, a secondary domain controller to another one located off site at a IPsec VPN location.  This also runs OSSIM, which potentially will get it’s own blog post at some point but we’ll see how good I am at this stuff.

Below the server is a battery backup – with all of this running I’ll get about 10 minutes of power loss time.  Not too bad.

Next there is an overflow hard drive caddy, a tiny monitor for emergencies, a Synology NAS and my AT&T modem.  I’ve had AT&T Fiber now for about a year and I’m pretty happy with it, I do love the speeds.

Still further down is the plex server and virtual machine host.  This is a beast of a machine with 92GB of ram to run virtual machines.  It’s currently running freenas and I really owe it to the hardware to convert it to ESXi for proper virtualization.

Finishing up the tour is a Dell R710 that isn’t turned on because of heat and power, and a Dell MD1000 with 24TB of off and unused storage for the same reason.

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