Starting Fresh

An misbehaving docker container brought the Digilan empire to a standstill.  Well, not really.  But this is a way to start fresh.  After I had already burned the whole thing to the ground I realized my error – I had set docker to have the same network as the synology.  Turns out you can’t have two things on the same IP address without conflicts!  Who knew! (I should have)

Hello again, world.

Instead of launching directly into something like the Organizr login page, now folks will be greated with this wordpress blog for the option to go to the dashboard.  Not that anyone went to the dashboard to begin with, or will read this blog.  So I suppose all is about the same.

I’m not sure what to do with lindahl.us at this point – I’m not going to change my email address as I’ve had it for a long time now, I suppose that page will become a very basic personal site for job hunting.  I’m not looking now but I suppose having a website ready isn’t a bad plan.



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