Big House Game Room V2.0

The game room has always had the goal of being where consoles go to retire. The idea is that while an older console might sit at home unplayed for decades, it just might get used at the Big House for the novelty of playing the original Halo game on the original Xbox, in all of that 2001 glory. The previous […]

Video Games.

I have never been a big game collector. I have lived a pretty good life, and evidence of that is my regret of not buying a Nintendo Gamecube when they were going out of fashion. It always seemed like a fun console to own, and now on the secondary market they are as much as they were back in the […]

Big House Network

We made some changes to the Big House network in October 2020. The wire colors are not as perfect as I’d like, but it works. we ran two network cables around the house into the garage for an access point, and a potential camera down the road. Added a third access point in the garage for better coverage on the […]


Grafana is one of those things that I had tried it out at least ten times. I would install a docker, follow a guide and when it wouldn’t work immediately I promptly gave up. Until I didn’t. During the pandemic, I spent a solid weekend ignoring my family and configuring Prometheus and Grafana, lots of trial and error and lots […]